Individual and Group Psychotherapy for Adults and Adolescents


Anxiety Disorders:

•    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
•    Social Anxiety Disorder
•    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Trauma (PTSD)
•    Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Chronic Worry (GAD)
•    Panic Disorder
•    Phobias (e.g. Fear of Flying, Public Speaking, Subways, Animals or Insects, to name a few)

*Self Assessment Tools can be helpful for both the client and the therapist. They are frequently used to sketch a picture of the current problems a person is living with.

Click Here to Download an Adult Assessment Tool

Common Issues Related to Anxiety Disorders:

• Rumination and Overthinking • Perfectionism • Health Anxiety • Test Anxiety • Relationship Anxiety • Career and Life Transitions • Anxiety Related to Chronic Illnesses • Anxiety About Career Transitions

Substance Use and Behavioral Addictions:

•    Alcohol Abuse
•    Drug Abuse (e.g. Cocaine, Marijuana, Prescription Drugs, Heroin, Methamphetamines, Stimulants, Hallucinogens)
•    Overeating and Food Addiction, and Other Eating Disorders (e.g. Bulimia & Anorexia)
•    Compulsive Gambling
•    Sexual Compulsiveness
•    Video Game, Cell Phone and Internet

*If you are concerned or have questions about your alcohol or drug use, it may be helpful to start looking at the types of substances you are using and the frequency of their use.

Click Here to Download an Adult SUD Questionnaire

*This SUD Questionnaire can be filled out by both the adolescent and their parent or guardian.

Click Here to Download an Adolescent SUD Questionnaire

Substance Use and Behavioral Addictions Groups:

See a video of Dr. Roddick discussing his approach to Groups for Anxiety and Addictions. Please contact The Ross Center for more details.

*Currently Open- Men’s Veterans Group for Addictions: CBT & Mindfulness.  Please contact the organization associated with this Group, The Headstrong Project, for further details.

Mood and Other Disorders:

Depressive Disorders

Bipolar Disorder

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) & Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Co-Occurring Issues:

•    Adolescent and Young Adult Adjustment
•    Chronic Avoidance or Procrastination
•    Difficulties with Emotion Regulation
•    Chronic Pain, Migraine Headaches, and IBS
•    Stresses Related to Work •    Codependency and Unhealthy Relationships
•    Children Coping with Divorce or a Separation
•    Finding a Partner or Enhancing Interpersonal Relationships •    Stresses of Working in Creative Fields and the Challenges of Pursuing a Life in the Arts (e.g. Acting, Dance, Visual Arts, Film, or Theatre Tech)